Today, when Google announced the series of hardware products made under the term “Made by Google”. They are coming up with phones, headphones, speakers, VR devices, cameras and laptops in the market. BUT what made the announcement even more exciting along with the release of these hardwares is the introduction of the Google Assistant.

The new Google’s phone “Pixel 2” has a feature called “Active Edge” where people can squeeze the phone to activate Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an inbuilt feature with all Android phones. It has become even smarter and powerful which understands the command easily and accurate for non-native English speaking countries. Google Home Max, Mini, and Google Pixel buds are premium products of Google Family.

What will be the impact of this New Google family for Search Industry? How are people looking at this?

One thing is sure that the traditional search landscape will completely change with induction on Google Assistant and Its Google family. This opens a wide territory for the Search marketers to explore and get mastered. We are entering into the era of voice search and seems like soon this will be replaced with the traditional text search.

The Google Family devices i.e Smart Speakers responding and interacting very well

With voice and conversational search, we arrived into totally new SEO world.

On Google, users are making users are making 3.5 billion searches every day and only 25 % are taking that advantages of being on first-page search and rest 75% users don’t reach to the second page. Every industry has realized the importance of the Search engine optimization to boost their business and revenue.

PASO – Personal Assistant Search Optimization
We got to learn a new term “PASO” that’s Google Personal Assistant Search Optimization which is the further evolution of new SEO. With Google Family Devises ability to interact hand’s free will invoke access for information search and make people’s life much faster & simpler. It’s something same you are asking your queries to your intelligent friend. Now the brands and companies have to optimize their business listing for the voice search. Brands simply can’t ignore to lose the suggestions made by Google assistant. For example, when we ask our Google Assistant to know about the Chinese restaurant, Google assistant will suggest 1-4 Chinese restaurants in your locality. Can you imagine the kind of traffic volume these 4 businesses will receive?

It will become a new mission for search marketers needs to figure out the way to place businesses under the Google suggestions.  To make this happen, marketers need to spend time the same way they were doing it on regular SEO.

Many Brands already has got deep and meaningful conversations using “Action” commands to tell you the most relevant voice searches first. For Example

  1. Kayak is a fare aggregator engine to search hotels, flight ticketing, and car rentals, this brand has got interaction with Google personal assistant. To interact with the app, one has to say “Okay, Google, talk to KAYAK”. This command will activate Google chatbots. You can have a conversation about hotel options for your getaways holidays in South America and book your accommodation.
  2. Users can hear the news directly from Wall Street Journal on Google Assistant on Google home. You simple needs to say, “Okay Google, ask The Wall Street Journal for the latest news.” And Listen to the top stories, which are again possible through Google chatbot.

The chat-war has already begun in full swing for the dominance in voice and chat interface between the top-giants Google and other rivals Amazon, Facebook, and Apple.

Google has been always pioneered in search engine industry and has all the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of “search”. All that knowledge can be transformed to the voice searches. It is you as a marketer needs to figure out the ways to think from SEO to PASO.