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Ecommerce SEO services are the services which are specific to the SEO services performed on Ecommerce Portals.

Anyone who owns an ecommerce portals must have to perform SEO in order to stay ahead of their competitors and list their website on top Google search.

In other words, we can say,  you need to get your website optimized so that potential buyers who are searching for your products online can easily find you and buy the products you are selling online.

Question Arises, Are these E-commerce SEO Services different from normal SEO? What are special in that Ecommerce SEO?

Let me take you through all the points that it includes in Ecommerce SEO, What are the key factors? How do we do that? What are the procedures?

Ecommerce SEO Services includes following things

  1. Home Page / Category Page Optimization: The optimization of an ecommerce website has been done in three ways, Homepage optimization which includes main keywords relating to the broader picture of your overall website. For example, Samsung is a company providing mobiles, TV, refrigerator, printer, the camera’s so the home page can be optimized for keywords like Consumer Electronics as a main category of overall products range.
  2. Products Optimization: There may be 1 product or 1000’s or even lakhs but product optimization includes a perfect description stating the detailed description of your products including color and size. The optimization works solely on user search behavior, most of the buyers know what they want to buy and use specific keyword relating to the product name, model no, article no. These are serious buyers and know what they want to buy and they get convert very quickly.  So that key is to optimize products because that’s what you are selling.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization: In ecommerce conversion rate is crucial, if you are getting traffic and users are not converting into real sales then your all efforts and investments goes in vain. We help you to optimize your website for maximizing your sales and revenue you generate online. I can help you with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). 
    •  Call to Action: It’s an important part of CRO and is a key area’s which needs to be optimized like Contact No, Buy Now Button, color combination. It is all about the user convenience factor on your website, how easily your users can find their products the sooner they can buy it. Keeping that concept in mind. These are the area which needs to be highlighted so that user can see and order products easily.
  4. Goal Setup using Analytics: Setting up Analytics and Goal setup is an important phase to track users and time spent on the website. This gives other detailed insight of devices from which the users are coming from.
    1. Bounce Rate: It’s again an important factor for every webmaster to understand why their visitors are leaving their website and from which page. This way you can keep an eye to create strategies to retain your visitors for more time.
  5. Content Optimization: Content is always a key factor for perfect optimization of your ecommerce website.
  6. URL Structure: This is common for every dynamic website, URL should be search engine friendly.
  7. Content Distribution Network (CDN): As the name depicts, its a server property to distribute different content to different users. For example, is one but when you search google in India, it automatically landed to, Its a redirection based on IP and all the content shown on is content indexed on for Indian users. So that way we can show website content (Image / Text) based on geo-location.

There are lots of other factors to be considered in eCommerce SEO services which are different from normal SEO.

I have performed eCommerce SEO services for lots of ecommerce companies, which lead them to take a full advantage of eCommerce.

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