SEO Consultant India

My name is Brijesh Kumar, an SEO Consultant with over 14 years of experience working with Corporate, Brands and SME’s.

Being an Independent Consultant, I am working as a Freelance SEO Expert in Delhi. That’s my full-time career now.

I have worked with few of the most renowned brands like Samsung India, Indian Oil Corporation, Thomas Group and Ministry of Consumer Affairs and much more across the globe.

I always wanted to help small & medium scale businesses in India, especially to local businesses. Its 10 Years now I am working as a full-time SEO Freelancer.

SEO is not a trick; it’s purely a phenomenon of making your website compatible with the search engine algorithms. The SEO strategies and Google policies have evolved and changed a lot with time. It is important to adopt the revised SEO strategies that have been recently incorporated into search engines. In order to get the maximum benefit, you need an Agency or Consultant who is updated with the recent changes in the Google algorithms. It is known to everyone that the strategies which were working before 2013 won’t be that effective in the year 2018. You need to hire an agency or consultant with his updated knowledge and experience.

Is that SEO only is Sufficient?

That’s true, SEO is foremost important besides SEO, there are Paid Campaigns that helps you build the online reputation.  I am Certified SEO professional for last 10 years. Being a Digital Marketer, We can help you run your organic as well as paid campaigns. Google Adwords / Pay Per Click helps you quick results as compared to Organic SEO.

When your website actually starts results on Organic results, we suggest you lower your budget for paid campaigns. That way you can save huge money in a long run without losing sales from the day 1.

Does this SEO work for any business?

SEO helps websites to rank higher on the search engine and If it’s rightly done, you will get higher visibility on search engine. It is known fact that 80% of the users are searching Google to make their final decision. It’s important for every business to be visible on Internet & you can’t compromise to lose users just because you are not done with your website SEO.

For example, if I am running an SEO business, my website is ranked on keywords related to my categories like Digital Marketing Consultant Delhi, Digital Marketing Services Delhi, SEO Freelancer Delhi, SEO Freelancer India, SEO Expert Delhi, and SEO Expert India. These targeted keywords work well for me. Likewise, every industry has their customer searching for its relevant keywords to narrow down their search. You could gain maximum benefits out of your business by doing SEO of your website.

What is the Process of SEO?

SEO is not only arrangements of Meta keywords, Trust, it’s far more beyond this. There are thousand others methods that allow your website to rank well in search engines. i.e. Website load time, website architecture, unique content, website user interface, backlinks, social media presence and many more.

If your website is not following any of these basic, it’s difficult for your website to rank well in search engines. You need to make a deep dugout to understand the demographics and psychographic patterns of your customers. Google Analytics helps you a lot.

There are lots of self-claimed SEO experts in Delhi NCR, who falsely claim to rank any website without doing the analysis. Avoid being trapped in such fake SEO guarantees.

Being an SEO Independent consultant, we help you to understand the logic behind the SEO process.

If required, we can suggest you website design changes or add the new call-to-action buttons.

Why You Need SEO?

Be it any business or any targeted audience or any demographics; you can at least start optimizing your business website for the local keywords. The main advantage of the local keywords is that it doesn’t have much competition to crack the competition. You SEO Consultant can help you rank for all the local business keywords.

SEO helps you in the longer run, initially when you start your business, you can drive traffic using PPC and you can start generating leads from the very first day on your targeted keywords. Once your website starts picking the pace, you can reduce your PPC budget. Secondly, PPC is getting expensive nowadays as PPC is a bidding system. The cost per click has grown multiple times because of competition.

Hire SEO Consultant at a very early stage of your website development so that it can be developed as per the Search engine guidelines. You can take help from SEO Experts to build the strategies and setup PPC campaign to drive your business.